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Hi All,


I'm so glad to be a part of the forum. I confess that I am very much a rookey compared to others here. So, please forgive any ignorance up front. I'll start by providing some intel on what I'm trying to accomplish. We need an AMP to run ambient speakers. We may install as many as 8 sets. We will be installing 5 for sure. Does anyone have any info to share on Pyle PT8000CH or Dayton MA 1240?


I'm building a home system that will have 3 main components. In the basement we'll have a theatre likely 9.1 using some basic seakers from Monoprice (sorry) for folks this offends we may swap those out in time when we have the money. Throughout the house and outside we will have speakers for ambient music during parties (likely 8 pairs). We will have sep volume controls (impedance matching) for each set of speakers and a USB so that in any location we can plug in an ipod etc for the ambient music. We will also have a 5.1 setup upstairs which is in a family room and the fronts will be Logan 10's or 12's. We will also use the upstairs speakers for audio room. We're wiring with 12ga wire throughou the house. We have a Pioneer SC 57 and a Yamaha AX 730. We figured we'd put the pioneer downstairs and the yamaha upstairs. We're being told that we should use a separate amp for the ambient speakers. The budget is about $500 or less if possible. We've overspent (Ok I have) already. If we need to do modifications or use less speakers initially we can.

1. Do you have any recommendation on an amp (size required) for that many speakers? And name recommendations + where to shop if you are willing to provide?

2. I'd also wlecome feedback on our plan and setup based on the equipt that we have already.
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