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Designing and Building a Full Range Speaker around Newform 45" Ribbon?

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I've been shopping for new speakers for more than a year now, and still haven't bought any I liked better than my current speaks... for a price I am willing to pay. My latest consideration was the GR Alpha LS speakers and although they are wonderful(so folks say), I just can't afford the $3.5-4K per pair price since I need a minimum of 5 speakers.

That said, I recently delivered an amp to a local guy who had Newform R645 speakers with the cap and KSU2 crossover upgrade. Although I only spent about an hour listening to them, I liked them alot. New Ribbons, crossovers and mounting hardware cost around $1K per pair, which is much more in my price range for a 5.1 setup.

In doing my research on these speakers, I found that the primary complaints was with the integration/crossover/design of the ribbon mated to the bass module. Supposedly, the KSU2 and cap/ribbon upgrade solves these complaints?

Has anyone designed/built a full range speaker which uses this R45 ribbon?

Alternatively, I can buy used R645 speakers used on Audiogon for around $1500 a pair.

Oh well, that's alot of stuff and questions to consider in one post...

Anyone have any suggestions as to building a Newform R645 type speaker or should I just buy them used on Audiogon?

Thank you all very much for your help and suggestions!
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The GR Alphas are "only" $2k" per pair since you have to build the enclosure your self.
The GR Alphas are "only" $2k" per pair since you have to build the enclosure your self.

Thanks for the input... but, the cost for the Alpha LS speakers is only $2K if you build and ship the enclosures to me for free. As much as I'd like it to be otherwise, the cost for a pair of Alpha LS speaker pair is at the least $4K... and if you decide to build the cabinets for yourself, you might be able to reduce the costs for a pair of speakers to around $2600 or so depending on how much of the cabinet costs you can absorb for free????

If Danny wants to sell me the Alpha LS for $2K a pair.... I will immediately take two pair in plain old black.... and begin design for my center channel according to his design on Audio Circle..... ?


BTW... I'd really like Danny to build me two pairs of Epiphany cabs for free instead if he wants.... :)
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