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Detoured while going for the Seleco 200DM!

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I was just about ready to purchase a Seleco 200DM on this very day, but as fate would have it, a friend intervened. He insisted I see his neighbor’s new projector before I do anything. I agreed, and made the hour drive to Westchester County.

The projector turned out to be the new Yamaha DPX-1. When I asked the guy how he managed to get one so soon (they’re scheduled to hit the street at the end of this month) he ignored the question;I took the hint and remained quiet while he proceeded to fire the system up.

The ultra-slim unit, which was ceiling mounted, really looked graceful, and walking directly under it, I noticed that it’s really quiet (I later learned Yamaha got the fan noise down to approx. 30 dB).

Golden Eye was already loaded in a Toshiba 6200. The very first thing that caught my eye when the image splashed onto the Stewart screen (not a Grayhawk) was the dynamic range; I figured the signal-to-noise had to be between 6 to 700 hundred, and later learned (from Yamaha) it’s actually 900.

The colors were vivid to say the least, and the overall image was bright and showed great depth.

Due to the higher resolution chip (0.9 element), pixels were not an issue.

I really would have loved to throw in my favorite scenes from Starship Troopers and The Good the Bad the Ugly, but our host was in a hurry and he wasn’t really the friendliest person in the world.

So now I find myself in a quagmire. I‘m busting for a projector, but now have no choice other than wait three weeks and put this baby through the tests. If it doesn’t have any of the motion artifacts that plagued my Seleco HT-250, the Yamaha is going to be a tough one to beat. Yes, I know I said that about the 200DM, but believe me, you need to see a DPX-1 to know where I’m coming from.
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Did you find out anything about the color wheel and speed? I understood the DPX-1 does not have the RGBRGB wheel which is supposed to be vital to eliminating rainbow.

Also, before you leap, better see the Sharp. 16:9, RGBRGB color wheel and apparently very, very good. At about the same price.

You're right, Dan; it probably will be worth waiting at this point in time. I was really trying to convince myself to go with the 200DM, but no matter how much you don't want to, you do see pixels during various scenes, and that ruins the whole movie experience for me.

If the Sharp lives up to all the hype, it probably will outperform the Yamaha, but that remains to be seen.

No matter how you look at it, the next few months should prove quite interesting, but the suspense is really beginning to get to me. I NEED A PROJECTOR!

Originally posted by videonut:
I really would have loved to throw in my favorite scenes from Starship Troopers and The Good the Bad the Ugly, but our host was in a hurry and he wasnÂ’t really the friendliest person in the world.
I apologize for getting off-topic here but I have to say this really upsets me. I can just not comprehend why so many home theater and hifi salesman have this elitist attitude. I have heard story after story about people like this and witnessed it myself a number of times. Videonut obviously has a substantial amount of money burning a hole in his pocket for a high-end projector and yet he gets treated like this. I just don't get it. In my perfect world all these kinds of places would go under and avscience would be the only place left.

Coming down off of soapbox now.

JP he was at a friends neighbors house not a dealer. Man any chance to bash a salesman.

Hey Paul did you find out if the throw range is close to the Selecos?

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