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deumping JVC S500BK .. for a RP91 ???

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well after finally talking to JVC, i've confirmed that the new JVC progressive scan dvd players cannot remove the zoom icon when watching improperly flagged non-anamorphic discs in progressive mode. My tv locks into full, so i can't use the tv's zoom.

How does the Panasonic Rp91 handle imroperly flagged discs? Can you "zoom" or reformat the picture manually? What kind of options do you have? The JVC zoomed in too much anyway.

I was very happy with the JVC other than this. Should i expect the same level of video quality from the RP91? I can't go for the RP56 because scaling in a necessity for me.

I can't believe how many older dvd's (especially Criterions) are improperly flagged. It was really disappointing.
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I talked to JVC as well on the issue, and the rep I talked to was quite aware that the 2 problems I mentioned (lack of manual reformatting options, and the non-removable zoom icon) were ones that a lot of people were not happy with on the new models, and that it was possible that a firmware upgrade would resolve them. I'm going to hold on to my 500bk a little longer to see if anything materializes as I don't know what else I'd get instead
The RP91 has the following scaling (in progressive mode).

1. 4:3 - This takes the full image and scales down horizontally only, just enough to place the image in the center 4:3 area of a 16:9 TV. This can be used for material that is truly 4:3. The RP91 then adds vertical left and right gray side bars.

2. Zoom - This takes the full image and scales up vertically only, just enough to make 2.35:1 non-anamorphic titles have the correct aspect ratio (circles look like circles, not ellipses). This is the main scaling feature that people like about the RP91. It is KEY if your TV locks into full mode when receiving a progressive signal. Without this feature, in that situation, you could either (a) watch squashed-looking people or (b) switch to interlaced and let your TV's scaling adjust (generally much worse than the RP91's scaling quality).

3. FULL - This manually forces displaying the entire image (720x480) into the 16:9 visible area for non-anamorphic titles. Note that on ANAMORPHIC-flagged titles, the scaling is DISABLED - you always get FULL, which is exactly what you want for proper aspect ratio.

4. AUTO - This mode will select between 1, 2, and 3 above automatically based on content and flags. It works very nicely. I have only had to manually select on a couple of DVD titles.

The RP91 has no other scaling features, and none for interlaced mode. This will not allow you to selective zoom just enough to eliminate the smaller top/bottom black bars on 2.35:1 films shown on a 16:9 TV (~1.78:1). As with all DVD players, if you set your TV type to 4:3, then it will scale anamorphic titles vertically only to properly show the aspect ratio. This results in top/bottom black bars, which is required to get the aspect ratio right.

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Just got the RP91 last week. First non-anamorphic disk I tried was "Hunt for Red October". Obviously mis-flagged as it would not automatically go to zoom mode. But the RP91 allows you to go in and select zoom manually and it worked perfect (although requires more key strokes than I would prefer). Second non-anamorphic disk I tried "The Abyss" had correct flags and zoomed in automatically just as it should.

Although I am not a big fan of black bars on the sides - is pretty neat how the RP91 switches from normal, zoom, 4:3 with bars depending on the different material on the disk. Watching 4:3 material for the main features, such as television season box sets, I prefer to watch in normal stretched (without the black bars). For this I have to manually switch the RP91 to Normal mode to remove the bars.

Overal I am very happy with this player matched with my lock in full Mitsubishi.
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i'm still trying to decide whether to go with the rp91.....how is its video chip compared to JVC? also, with 4:3 progressive (scaled), is it grey or black bars?
Mine look black - although I have heard they are grey. Maybe they are just a very dark grey and I hadn't noticed.
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