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Hi guys,

I'm with a consumer electronics company working on developing a portable speaker enabled with 3D sound.

Essentially, our speaker will be able to reproduce spatially accurate sound. In other words, its 3D sound software will pull sound out of the speaker and make it sound like it's coming from a specific location. It will also have pretty awesome stereo sound quality, and will be about the same size/weight as a Bose SoundLink Mini or Megaboom. We already have a couple of prototypes finished, and we're working on refining it and getting rid of the kinks.

We are interested in seeing what the AVS community thinks of both portable speakers and 3D sound. If you have time, we would appreciate it if you filled out our quick survey.

If surveys aren't your thing, please post your comments and suggestions here instead! Some discussion questions:

  • Had you ever heard 3D Sound before? If so, how did it compare with regular sound?
  • How do you use your portable speaker? Is there anything about it you wish was different?
  • What features would you like to see in a portable speaker with 3D sound?
Thank you all for your time!
Just so you know, your feedback will be read by people outside of the AVS forum (aka- our in-house marketing and design people). We won't ever publish or publicly reproduce your comments!
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