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Just picked up this one today and had some limited time with it. WOW so far...

Very highly rated reviews including this one...(9 out of 10):

I had no idea this game was so much fun. I missed it last gen.

The lightning fast (60fps) action, ability to speed up combat by 20%, overall graphics (1080p), atmosphere, pounding heavy metal 5.1 soundtrack, dark, adult nature (heavy profanity at times), etc. are just incredible so far. Easily the best looking and well made remake so far for me.

As the difficulty ramps up, I'm sure there will be less to love but right now, I'm very impressed.

This console generation has been quite disappointing at times but some of the recent remakes & "cheap" $40 games have been truly enjoyable to pass the time. All highly recommended:

Dead or Alive 5 - Last Round
Scream Ride
Saints Row 4 Re-Elected
Devil May Cry Definitive Edition
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