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I still can't receive KERA-DT (PBS/13-14) and

KTVT-DT (CBS/11-19) here in North Dallas at

Westgrove and the Tollway using my off-air

GE Max antenna.

I have no problems receiving all other

digital stations... FOX/4-35, NBC/5-41,

ABC/8-9, UPN/21-18, and WB/33-32.

Several months ago I spoke with the

engineers at KERA-DT and KTVT-DT (as well as

KTXT-DT) and was told the explanation dealt

with temporary transmission power levels and

a temporary tower for PBS-DT and CBS-DT. I

was told that both stations should be sharing

a new tower and transmitting at full power

levels by October.

Well, here it is the end of October and I

still can't receive KERA-DT or KTVT-DT.

Does anybody know anything about this? Is

the project still a "work-in-process"? Or

do I have some other problem, if the

project has actually been completed?

If the project is still not complete, does

anybody have any information as to when it

might actually be finished?
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