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DGTEC HD Set Top box: Australia

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"DGTEC HD Set Top box: Australia"

Has anyone used this set top box with either the 10HT, 11HT, or the 400Q? I am interested to know what results you have had and if the unit upscales everything to 1080i eg 576i-1080i 576p-1080i, or 720p-1080i, or if it simply passes whatever signal it gets through? eg 576i-576i, 576p-576p, 720p-720p, and 1080i stays at 1080i?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Trickstar74

I have only seen the dgtec running on a Sony high(er?) definition set, but not on any projector. I believe 720p gets converted to 1080i. More info can be found at:


A few posts have been made about the dgtec in the hdtv forum here.

Also, have a search for dgtec thru google groups in aus.tv.digital and aus.audio-visual.home-cinema.

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