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DiCaprio To Bring Serial Killer H.H. Holmes To The Screen

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While I'm stoked to see a movie about Holmes finally looking like it might be made, I'm hesitant about him in the role of Holmes. Holmes is a little known serial killer that operated at the same time as ole "Saucy" Jack The Ripper. JTR got all the glory even though it is said that Holmes probably killed a couple of hundred women and a few men compared to a number in the teens for JTR.

What makes Holmes even more interesting to me is that the killing castle that he built was on the Southside of Chicago (Englewood) and today a post office stands in it's place. I pass there twice a day going to and from work while riding the CTA Green-Line Train. The story is also about Burnham who was the architect of the Columbian Exposition that was the back drop for the crimes that Holmes committed. It is said that the World's Fair of 1893 has not been equaled in scale or splendor. Nothing before or after it can come close to it. Not even the spectacular opening of the Olympics in China. The magic was so strong that Frank L. Baum the author of The Wizard of Oz said he got his idea for The Emerald City from attending the Exposition.

If this movie is done right it can be off the hook. Thanks to Leonardo for writing the check to get this started but I hope it turns out right.

More on Holmes, America's First Serial Killer: http://www.philadelphiaweekly.com/view.php?id=6365
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Cool. I posted on a thread about what books should be made into movies and mentioned Devil in the White City. Great book BTW.

Those are good reviews. I hope they do the book justice. I wish I could have seen The Worlds Fair. That is one event on the going back in time list.
Sounds like a good movie. I hate to go off topic but I really didn't know anything about the 1893 World's Fair. So I looked it up and it must have trully been incredible. Here's a Wiki page with some cool pics.
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