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Hello everyone,

Just curious if anyone else has had a similar experience- also posted on TGB.

I had a HTPC running Win7 ultimate x 64 media center using a Ceton Infinitv tuner with cablecard from Comcast. I noticed that about maybe half of the movies I recorded from Comcast's HD premium channels like Encore, HBO, and Showtime were not flagged as protected. That was great, since I could edit out the pre and post padding and reformat the movies so my WDTV could play them.

About two weeks ago, I upgraded my HTPC to a more energy efficient computer. All computer hardware was new, except for the Ceton tuner and it's cablecard. Since my upgrade, I have yet to record a premium channel movie that is not protected. Has anyone with Comcast cable noticed a recent change to where ALL premium channel movies are now protected where they were not before, or did I have some sort of unique setup that incorrectly flagged movies as not protected (which I ruined with the upgrade)?

Thanks for any feedback!
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