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did i get a good deal (mits 62525)?

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Sorry if this isn't a good post, but I'm curious. I had an opportunity today to buy a Mits 62525 for 4K, 4,400 with a 4 year service plan that include bulbs.

Was this a good deal? i thought so, this is for the tv delivered. I am hoping this is a good deal as I didn't research as much as usual but thought it was so pulled the trigger, I of course could always return but that is a pain....

Now need to look for a dvd player for it...
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Including sales tax (if applicable)? If so, I'd say that's a very good deal. If not, then I'd say it's a good deal. 10-12 percent discounts are common for Mits, if you get at least that, you're doing ok. Better than that and you're doing good, very good, great... I believe list for the 62525 is still $4500.
If you are happy with the deal why post to this forum? Would you REALLY return what you believe to be a good buy simply because someone here says it isn't?

Enjoy your new purchase and don't look back.
I agree Cape Cod guy, I think I got a good deal (it was after tax, and there is a possibility I will get a 400 Gift Card as well still).

Unfortunately I can't enjoy my purchase. I bought a new loft and move in in january, so they are holding it until then :-( All I have is the speculation :)

Guess I will have plenty of time to wait for a dvd player with that faroujita chip and hdmi output...
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