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Did I get scammed by the TV repiar guy? (Philips) Please help.

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I ordered the Philips 50PF9830A a few weeks ago, unfortunately it arrived slightly damaged. The panel showed a line of dead pixels on arrival (almost a cm wide), so I called up Philips, and have the repair guy come pick up my TV.

Few weeks later, the TV FINALLY arrived. The TV looks fine and definitely seems to be getting the HD signal alright.

However, I noticed that when I calibrate my TV, I don't get the option of Pixel Plus 2!!! I am pretty sure 9830a panel comes with Pixel Plus 2! I probably not going to use PP2 much anyways, but I am now really concerned if I get a panel from another inferior model that they just put it in my 9830a.

How can I tell whether this panel is what it should be? If they use another panel from like 7320a, is the picture the same?? or there are slightly difference?

From the repiar invoice, i get these part numbers, but i can't find them on philips website.



Experts, please advise! :( Please help me find out whether I get scammed by the repair guy or not.

I think I did hear that they said they have a philips panel in their store physically, that they put it in for me, and they assured me it's the same panel for 9830a as well

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The panel wouldn't affect having or not having the option of Pixel Plus 2...that would be covered by the processing chip/chip with the menu system on it. I bet you probably did not get scammed.
I agree, I doubt if you were scammed.
em........... I am told that almost everything inside is replaced with new parts.. so given the fact that the processing chip is obviously from another model that only has PP1, does that mean maybe the whole assembly is from another model? Would it be the same quality as 9830a? Or it may be inferior?? I am still kinda concerned how that will happen.... hmm

Do a search for Philips and Service menu for info on accessing the service menu (a lot of posts on the 42PF9630 thread) I think he was probably just doing some adjustments in the service menu and accidentally turned off PP2. (not sure if it is an option, I'll have to check)
I second mlandau. Mine has always read PP and not PP2.
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