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Ok, to preface this,

This is our first plasma bought about 2 1/2 years ago, it's a Pioneer 503 CMX

and also,

I went to Cox the other day and traded in 2 of my old cable boxes for 2 of the new 8300HD DVR Boxes for my plasma in our living room and then our bedroom tv which is a Sony LCD RPTV

ok here goes...........

I am out of town and I get a call from my wife.....here's what happened

She was watching the regular cable (Cox) on the plasma and turned it to OnDemand , the screen immediately changes to bright red.

The Cox 8300HD DVR cable box box shuts off and displays the word "boot" on its display screen like it does when it reboots

(here's where it gets downright scary.......)

Then there was loud pop/bang and spark that came from behind the plasma shooting out of the top behind it mounted on the wall,

it went dead completely (black screen)

She tried to power the plasma back up and the power indicator light on the plasma blinked red continuously and then she unplugged the plasma and plugged back in

When she did that,

the green power indicator light came on for just a split-second and then the plasma just shut down just as quickly,......... as it was before

At this point the power indicator on the plasma just blinks continuously red again.

Well, I had her unplug the unit completely and leave it off until I get home and had my AV guy call her and see if he could help

Anyways, here's the weird part,

The other TV in the bedroom is the one where the other new cable box (8300HD DVR) I just traded in for cox was also connected up to.

And this incident actually happened hours later,

but she just called me again

and said that she changed the bedroom TV to OnDemand and the screen went red on that one as well,

she was about to freak, thinking that it was going to "pop" and spark just like what happened to the plasma in the other room

It's a very large 60" Sony LCD Rear Projection

On this TV, she said it just shut itself off and after a minute was able to turn back on,

But, my point is......

It did the same "red screen thing" when it was also turned to OnDemand

and the plasma and this TV are the only TV's in the house that have the new cable boxes

My question is,

Is there anyway the cable box could have fried my Plasma through the box, when it was turned to Ondemand when that weird "red" screen appeard?

Its a cox 8300HD DVR and it happened when she turned to Ondemand, then red screen, then loud bang, then spark at about the same time as the loud bang happened, and then would not turn back on, (it's dead)

can any of you all think of or have heard of anything to do with this sort of bizarre incident,

it's at least bizarre to me because it's our first plasma, and i have never heard of this sort of thing before

the only common parallel are the 2 new cable boxes and on the plasma and the LCD

and the exact same "red screen" happening on both displays ,

the only difference is the plasma actually is fried and the LCD RPTV did not fry, but did shut itself down

these cable boxes are from COX and I am in Oklahoma,

Any help is greatly appreciated


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