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Did you see the Apprentice last night??

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There was a scene at the SONY Playstation offices in NYC.

They had a projection tv in the office.

It wasn't a SONY LCD. It was a Samsung DLP.

I guess SONY playstation people prefer to Samsung DLPs over SONY LCDs?????
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Don't watch the show....might be Hollywood's continued ignorance?
Krispy - yeah, I noticed that too! Funny as hell! :D
i noticed that right away. playstations conference room has the sammy dlp's, i think that is funny as hell. maybe that says somthing about the ps2 graphics with our sammy's compared to the sony's!
Yeah, I saw it too. I figure, like most companies that do the show, they dont have a huge office in NY, they probably jsut use whatever NBC or Trump has available. As Sony (especially SCEA) is in Cali.

Either way though, I am sure Sony could not be pleased. Maybe some poor sap walked into work Friday morning and got the pink slip, as with 15-20 millions viewers, I am sure many noticed. There is no way some higher up at Sony doesnt get word of that.
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