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Die Hard - D-Theater copy on it's way

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Just got notification that my D-Theater copy of Die Hard shipped yesterday.

If I'm lucky I'll get it for the weekend. At any rate, I'll report back on the quality of the movie after a viewing.
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Hi Tom,

Let us know how it looks......... BTW, of all the titles that you have seen, which one(s) have the BEST picture quality??

Thanks, Tom B.
U571 and X-MEN are the best. WSR rates DIE HARD a 4, which means it will look better than the DVD, but not as sharp as we'd like (likely due to the filters used during filming).
Thanks Matt........... hope you have a "painless" move.;)

Tom B.
I'm still waiting for Die Hard to be delivered. I ordered X-Men yesterday, thanks for the heads up Matt.

One thing I will say about the quality of D-Theater is all the movies I have look better than a DVD, and I'm temporarily using an Infocus LS110 which has a lower resolution than HD (it's 800x600).

Movies are:


Independence Day

Terminator II

Back Draft
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I am still waiting. I am told it is backordered. You are lucky. Looking forward to your review.
I cancelled my order with BestPrices.com and ordered it from DVDempire.com and they shipped it within 16 hours. I should have it tomorow or Thursday, but will likely not be able to view it until the weekend.

was the price the same?
I got my copy yesterday from DVDempire.com.
I see DVDEmpire is charging $5.00 more. They are now out of stock I am told.

There are coupon codes you can use with DVDEmpire, and they don't charge shipping on orders with 4 items or more. Search Google to find current coupon codes. I ordered a handful of titles, and it average about $25/title.
I used a $5 coupon and it came out almost exactly the same, only better, because they actually shipped them to me! At least, according to the tracking number they did.
I pre-ordered Die Hard, The Transporter and Courage Under Fire from BestPrices back on March 27th. I got an email on 4/12 saying Die Hard had shipped. A couple of days later, I got a copy of The Transporter. A few days later, I got an email saying that Courage Under Fire and The Transporter had been shipped. Guess what was in the two packages that came a couple of days later? Yep. I now have 3 copies of The Transporter.

BestPrices wants me to wait up to 14 days in case they mis-shipped the order. I won't be buying from them again.
I've had nothing but trouble from them on every wingle order I have ever tried with them for six months. I'm 100% done with them. They are simply inept.
Thanks for the heads up on BestPrices, I'll stay away from them.

FYI - I've had zero problems with DVDPlanet, DVDEmpire and Wall Mart. Every order has come through without fail.
Well somebody watch the dang thing and tell us how good it is :)
I've had nothing but trouble from them on every wingle order I have ever tried with them for six months
Just got mine in. Cannot watch it yet. Will do so when I can.
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