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Difference between Apple, Netflix movie downloads

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The New York Times web site (log-in required) has a very good blog story by Saul Hansell on the differences between the Apple and Netflix movie download services. It also provides some insight into the complex agreements that control the limited amount of content that is available to fledgling online services.


Read this, and you'll see why it will be years before the movie studios stop protecting their existing sales models and allow a full transition to online movie downloads. After reading this story, I've concluded it actually would be to our benefit if the nation stopped buying and renting physical DVDs altogether, stopped subscribing to Premium cable channels, and stopped renting On Demand, Pay-Per-View movies from cable companies.

The resulting drop in revenues from a sinking cable/DVD economy would force the hands of studio executives, just as plummeting CD sales forced music labels to implement online downloads. Short of this, the transition to easy-to-use online download services with a full library of titles is going to be a very long and frustrating journey for consumers.
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Geo, while I agree with your premise and the blogger, if all of us who want to see this tech moved forward did as you suggest--quit giving the studios our money, in all the different fashions--we'd have a long dry movie season (or 10) to wait until the scenario changed. And what will people do in the meantime? Oh, ya, just like what happened with CD's--P2P.
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Well, you could move to Sweden -- or at least learn from them. The Pirate Bay has inspired politicians there and there is now a political party that want to make p2p legal for private use. In fact, when the Swedish prosecutors attacked the Pirate Bay a few years ago, it turned out that they were asked to do it by the US government.

As far as the movie studios, I hope I am not the only one who thinks that most of the movies they make are terrible and that a year or more of no Hollywood films wouldn't hurt anyone?
Any boycott, no matter how successful, would be dismissed evidence of a recessional economy and it would be touted as further proof of piracy's corrosive effect. Don't expect MPAA enlightenment to result from such futile gestures. These guys won't be easily persuaded, even by falling profits. They've got golden parachutes for themselves.
the sad truth is that only cracking, ripping, and torrenting is going to bring those guys to their senses, to sell us the content at a decent (much lower) price with reasonable fair use rights and non-invasive DRM.

it's called "asymetrical (economic) warfare."
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