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How's it going everyone? Well it's about time for me to upgrade the old Hitachi RPTV and I've narrowed it down to a couple choices. I use my TV for gaming primarily but we also do the whole TV/Blu-ray thing. I have children in the house so plasma is out of the question because I would freak out if I had some image retention so LCD/LED it is. The ones I'm trying to decide between are:



UN55B8000 (not quite sure if the price is worth it)

Any other 55"+ TV suggestion that I could go look at.

I've seen all these TV's in person and I really can't say one picture looks better than the other. I haven't been able to really checkout any 55" Sony's though but I would definitely consider one and even drive up to Tucson to check them out if anyone recommends them. Thanks for any info you guys can give me.
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