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DigiCasa EZ Player - Full screen audio player - Discussion & Support

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Hello All,

DigiCasa EZ Player 2.0 has now been released. The EZ Player is a full screen audio player designed specifically for HTPC use. 1.2 was released last year on AVS Forum and I thank management and the moderators for allowing me to make an update to that product announcement. Version 2.0 improves upon 1.0 in the areas of useability and HTPC specific features. You may find the software at the DigiCasa website or by using the link in my signature.

The EZ Player is targetted at those users who want an easy to setup, simple to use music application designed for the big screen. Typically, you can just install EZ Player and immediately begin enjoying your music. No further setup is necessary.

EZ Player Sample Screenshot

HTPC Specific features include:
  • Adjusts automatically to any screen aspect ratio.
  • Out of the box support for the Streamzap remote (using latest drivers).
  • Full support for Promixis Girder so that EZ Player can be integrated with other remotes and existing HTPC automation.
  • Navigation is specifically designed for easy remote use.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for every command.
  • Client/Server architecture to distribute your music across all computers in the house. This is ideal for those installations with a media server.
  • Integrated support for Windows Media Player music database. Also supports the MusicMatch music database. Advanced users can configure support for other music management applications (e.g. J River Media Center).
  • Plays audio CDs. Supports multiple CD ROM drives for CD Changer-like functionality.
  • Mix and match audio CDs and music stored on the hard drive for complete flexibility.
  • Plays audio streams (e.g. Web Radio Stations).
  • Full-screen visualizations.
  • Screensaver to alleviate screen burn-in problems.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have and provide support in this thread. You may also use the forums at the DigiCasa website.


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Well, wouldn't you know it...the web hosting service provider went down last night and wasn't back up until mid morning. Therefore, for those of you who had trouble reaching the site, I'm bumping this thread to alert you that website is back online.


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