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Digital 480i out

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Is an SDI output the only way to get a digital 480i signal out from a DVD player to my processor?

I'm upgrading to a Lumagen HDP so I would rather have it do all scaling and deinterlacing. It seems that the only digital outputs from DVD players are DVI and SDI. I'd love to use the DVI output of a DVD player to the scaler (since it saves a bunch of money on SDI input option), but it doesn't seem that any player will send 480i out the DVI. Does such a beast exist?


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Not aware of one. Closest thing I can think of is Toshiba 592 that will output 480i over hdmi. I'm not even sure if 480i is in spec of dvi (or if there is such a thing).
Technically DVI does not support 480i (it came from the world of connecting computers to monitors with at least a 480p signal). But at least one external scaler (Lumagen) has been tweaked to enable it anyway for input.

HDMI *DOES* support 480i, but not all HDMI hardware enables this due to electronic timing issues in formating the signal and due to concern that people may get into trouble trying to hook that HDMI to a normal DVI device -- which works just fine at other resolutions.

I don't know whether your specific Lumagen processor has an HDMI or DVI input that accepts 480i (or whether it can be upgraded to do so), but the Pioneer Elite 59avi DVD player, and a few other HDMI equipped players will send 480i out over HDMI.

There's a specific report from a user who has had success using the 59avi connected to some model of Lumagen processor at 480i via HDMI to DVI in the 59avi Owner's Thread:


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The only current DVD players that can output 480i over DVI -- it's just a connector -- are from Ayre ($4.5k and up) and they also offer SDI outputs.

If you don't want to go the Ayre and/or SDI route, you will need to get a DVD player with both, an HDMI input and 480i digital output capability. The above mentioned Pioneer, the Sony DVP-975 and 2 of Arcam's players have these features.
The only current DVD players that can output 480i over DVI -- it's just a connector -- are from Ayre ($4.5k and up) and they also offer SDI outputs.
The Ayre DX-7 will not output 480i via DVI, but it will send YCbCr via DVI. A while back Charles Hansen mentioned he could make the firmware output 480i via DVI, but at the time there was little interest from the scaler people in the discussion. I don't know if the D-1x will do it.

The Sony DVP-NS975V will output 480i via HDMI. Confimed. I have the player.


Thanks for the clarification. I'm positive about the YCbCr, but maybe I just misunderstood Charles when he replied to my question about what he was sending through the DVI port (re: 480i).

Dale Adams (DVDO) has worked with Ayre's products in the past via Charles and I was the one in the long iScan HD thread who threw out the YCbCr via DVI possibility.

Yes, it does send YCbCr via DVI - just like I said. You're recalling the same thread I am. I don't remember the YCbCr, I do remember the 480i - or was it YCbCr :) - via DVI which would be more "timely" now with prevalent HDMI inputs than it was back then.

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