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digital Audio connection from HTPC to reciever went belly up

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Last night I lost my audio from my HTPC to my receiver. I noticed that the led on my receiver that shows the connection speed and is normally a solid green was now erratically flashing. Also I do not have any sound via the analog connection. I'm wondering if my Audio hardware on my MB is toast. I'd hate to loose it as it's an Nvidia Sound storm MCP-T. built on the MD. I'm running MCE on the PC, Nvidia audio drivers, and everything was working fine and the next day with no software changes I lost the audio. I think the MB is a Gigabyte 7N400 Pro 2.

I've tried checking cable connections but I have a few questions and I've tried the audio wizards to no avail. The sound is not muted anywhere and the connection light should be steady ( I think it's just getting noise).

Where do I choose whether to have the Audio come out on the digital or analog outputs?

If I un-install all the sound related devices in the Device Manager will I be sure I'll get a clean install with the correct drivers on reboot?
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Could be that the cable went bad.

Un-install from add/remove. Then if still in DM, remove from DM.

But I'd say it's a cable.
Yeah, sounds like driver issues and an uninstall/reinstall of the drivers should sort that out. You'll also get to pick analog and/or digital output in the setup after reinstalling, and you can get to it later from the Nvidia utility.

Sorry I can't be more specific there but I ditched my Soundstorm board a few upgrades back.
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