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Digital Cable Amp for Comcast Digital

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I am moving into a house that will need expansion of the Comcast digital video line (including broadband for my PCs), not HD, from a single house entry to multiple rooms. Crawl space and attic are both available.

Can folks here be kind enough to recommend an affordable distribution/amplifier, where to find, and type of coax to use? I do NOT have HI-end HT or HD TV so don't need the best.

Any thoughts and recommendations much appreciated.
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I don't recommend amps as a first choice to mask what could be errors in wiring, routing, splitting or integrity. Even though it's relatively easy to run cable, it's balancing the signal, and how much is coming into the house, that will determine whether you're successful or not.

If you don't know yet that there are problems, hook stuff up first. If some aspects or all don't work I recommend calling the cable company and letting them balance your setup and replace any wiring that may be bad and running any new outlets you wish. Typically the installation charges for stuff like this is relatively cheap.

Even if ultimately you still need a house amp, Comcast in my area doesn't charge for them. Don't know if that's true nationwide or not.

Good luck w/the new house.


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The best advice is to hook it up, then IF there is a problem, let Comcast decide what needs to be done.
For digital cable, including internet service, make sure that all the house wiring is RG-6. YOu'll never regret it, and its relatively easy to pull. Beyond that, let Comcast sort it out as has been suggested.
It depends on Comcast in your area as to whether they will use an amp or run a second drop to your house. Either way you shouldn't run your cable modem through an amplifier. Most often the drop would be split to run the modem with the second port running the TVs. I would wait and see what your pictures look like before installing an amp anyway. Just be sure to be home when the cable guy is there so you can test the jacks and have him address any issues then and there.

To answer your initial question simply, channel master makes a solid 8-way distribution amp with good shielding for around $75. Regal also makes a solid 8-way dist amp for about the same money.
Thanks for the replies. Very helpful.

I'll talk with Comcast when we setup the move to the house to see the wiring costs. Sounds like it would be worthwhile and a one-time thing.
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