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Digital Cinema Showing

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Not sure who cares, but i will reprint here part of a press release for those who care...

CULVER CITY, Calif., Jul. 10, 2001 -- Columbia Pictures will release "Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within" nationally on July 11 in more than 2,500 theaters, with seven premiering the sci-fi action-adventure in digital cinema format, it was announced today by Rory Bruer, executive vice president, general sales manager for Sony Pictures Releasing.

Only 12 theaters nationwide currently possess the capability to present films in digital format. A digital cinema release is often praised for its consistent quality and ability to enhance the visual experience of moviegoing.

The seven cities that will release "Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within" digitally are: AMC Empire, New York City; Edwards Irvine Spectrum, Irvine, Calif.; AMC Media 6, Burbank, Calif.; Cinemark Legacy, Dallas; Famous Players Paramount, Toronto; AMC Barrington, Chicago; and the AMC Van Ness, San Francisco.

"These screens will be using a Texas Instruments DLP projector, operating from a server called a QuBit," explained Bill Hausch, senior vice president, Strategic Technologies, Digital Studios Division for Sony Pictures Entertainment. "The sensation you get with digital cinema is a picture without a flicker, scratches, dirt or focus flutter. We're providing the moviegoing patron a glimpse of the future of theatrical exhibition."

The presentation of "Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within" in digital cinema is also the first presentation of an 8 Channel Sony Dynamic Digital Sound (SDDS) motion picture in an electronic format. The premium audio format utilizes five full-range screen channels instead of the conventional three. SDDS equipment currently installed in theaters will reproduce the 8 Channel audio in the seven digital engagements across North America.

There you go... should you care.
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I'll be in Chicago this Mon thru Wed. Can anyone give me the exact address/phone number ot the AMC Barrington? I can't find it on Yahoo Yellow pages and want to go check this out while I'm in town.


According to TI's www.dlp.com web site:

AMC South Barrington 30

175 Midlands Dive

South Barrington, IL 60010

Tel: 847-444-FILM (Tickets) http://www.amctheatres.com


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I live one mile from that AMC Barrington. It sits right at the Barrington Road and the Northwest Tollway (90) exit. About 22 minutes from O'Hare, straight out Northwest Tollway. Exit the Barrington Road North exit. First LEFT is the 30(?) screen cinema complex.
http://mapsonus.switchboard.com/bin/maps-maponly/usr=~3b4efc33.6f22e.284d.7/c=2/isre dir=1/

By the way, Tom, while you're out here you can stop by and see my world-class Sanyo PLV-60 theater! http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/cool.gif


- Tom C

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I'm staying at the Inter-Continental downtown. Since you live so close, is it worth the cab fare to go see this flick or what? http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif


I saw Final Fantasy last night at the AMC Mission Valley 20 in San Diego. I was planning on seeing Atlantis since I thought that was in the DLP theatre. Before buying the ticket, I asked the guy at the booth if Atlantis was indeed in the digital theatre. He said no. He said Final Fantasy just openned and is showing in there.

Wow. Give me two tickets to that!

So, my wife and I were all ready and happy to see the show. We saw Toy Story 2 in Burbank in DLP and had high hopes for Final Fantasy. The sign above the theatre even said "Final (DIG)" as opposed to the theatre down the hall which said just said "Fnl Fnt" or something. There was even another guy sitting beside us and I asked him if he's seeing the show specifically because of the digital theatre (there was a showing in 5 minutes for the regular theatre, but the three of us were waiting for the digital theatre). He said yes. He said he saw Shrek in the same theatre.

Show starts and what a disappointment! I don't know if they ripped me off or what. If it really was digital, then it must have been mastered off of film. There were scratches, dust, etc. AND... the damn image was jittery like film! Nothing at all like the awesome Toy Story 2 experience we had before.

I'd like to hear other people's thoughts on this. Did the theatre lie to me and rip me off, or is it just mastered off of film?

If it's mastered off of film, what's the benefit for the consumer (ie me)? I could see the cost savings for the theatre (cheaper to maintain, film doesn't wear out or break, etc), but is there really any benefit for me?

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KirkJ - are you sure they ran the DLP projector? If they were running off the backup film projector that would explain the scratches and judder.

I just watched it at the Paramount DLP theatre and the picture looked rock solid with no scratches. But I was very disappointed that there was film grain! Digital movie + digital projector.. why the grain?!

Maybe you're right and this was a film transfer. But if someone intentionally added grain to get "that film look" I think they made a big mistake. The background noise was very distracting on a CGI movie. The lip sync was off too.

The opening trailer for the new Pixar film "Monsters Inc." looked spectacular and really showcased what DLP is capable of. Crisp, clean and solid with excellent colours and detail. I had my hopes up for Final Fantasy only to have them dashed by the noise from the grain, the general dreary look of the colours and bad lip sync.

The story was pretty poor too. I respect that the computer animation is a groundbreaking technical acheivement, but the two hours would have been better spent watching Toy Story 2 again on my D-ILA.

Thumbs down for Final Fantasy.

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If they didn't run the DLP projector, then they lied to me and ripped me off. I went over to the TI DLP website and sent them a note telling them of my experience. I'd hate to have a theatre falsely claim to be digital. I'm sure TI wouldn't be happy either since it makes the technology look bad.

Perhaps it was a technical problem. Who knows? But I didn't think theatres would pay to keep a back up film version ready to go.

Also, now that you mentioned trailers.... The trailers I saw obviously weren't digital either. I thought that was weird when I was watching them and made a comment to my wife. Then the show started and I was just more upset.

I'll post something if TI replies to me.
According to this article , they added film grain to the digital images.

Here is a quote from the article.

Movie animators must keep in mind that they are not emulating real humans— they are emulating filmed humans. So one of the last processes is to use software to impose the characteristic blur and grain of conventional film on otherwise ultrasharp digital images. "Film is swimming in grain. If you look at a bit of it under a microscope, you will see all the colors of the rainbow in each tiny section," says Yeatman. "You have to replicate that, or it just doesn't look right."
It seems silly to me. It reminds me of those audio processors that add simulated pops and scratches to make CDs sound more like vinyl.

I live in San Diego and was planning on seeing it at the Mission Valley 20. Did you ask anyone after seeing the movie what the deal was? You probably could have received a refund..

That's a good point. My wife actually did ask me if I wanted to leave when the movie first started. After the show, I probably could've tried finding the manager to ask if the show was really DLP.

If you go see it at the AMC MV 20, let me know how it looked to you.
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