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Hi there,

I have just recently purchased a house (bungalow with basement) that was built in the mid 40's. I am renovating the house and would like to incorporate as much digital home integration features as I would use.

The plan is to have music in each room of the main floor - 5 in all (bedroom, home office, backyard patio, living room, kitchen (living room and kitchen are joined as open concept). The music would come from a server that houses all of my mp3's. This is a bachelor pad and I would only really need to listen to a single source of music (although having independent sources are probably a good idea for resell)

Also would like to have TV's in the bedroom (32" LCD), home office (32" LCD), living room (46" LCD). Would like to mount the LCD in the living room above the fireplace, but after reading a thread on this forum, I may consider alternatives rather than mounting above the fireplace.

I am renovating the basement to an apartment to help pay for the mortgage, so I will not be using any of home integration equipment for this - except for the laundry room in the basement - which I would like to put speakers in...but also will be splitting the laundry room up for a mini data centre, to house a 42U server rack (at this point I am only using about 12U for my work equipment and wireless home network)

So far I have looked at Control4, ELAN, Sonos and some other interesting options (using audigy sound card and server system for music side.)

I believe at this point I have read so much that I am not absorbing anything anymore! and getting more confused by the minute

Some of my key areas of concern are...



Wired or Wireless (should I bring cat6 through or use 802.11G)?

How and best way to control (by room, by roaming with remote control)?

Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated!!

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