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Digital Input vs Personal Computer on projectorcentral

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For those that are familiar with projectorcentral.com, when listing the specifications of a projector they offer a compatibility chart.

Here is an Example from the X1.


HDTV: 1080i, 720p

EDTV/480p: Yes

SDTV/480i: Yes

Component Video: Yes

Video: Yes

Digital Input: No

Personal Computers: Yes

Also, other projectors have similiar specs as well so the question(s) apply to everyone

What is the difference between the digitial input and 'personal computer' compatibility?

Also was under the impression that DVI is digital input. Is this what they are talking about when they say 'Digital Input'? I was under the impression the X1(and other models) could take DVI, yet there are very few models that offer digital input.

Finally, could and there are many types of DVI--could somewhere care to explain these diffferences between the different types of DVI-DVI-D, DVI-I, DVD-A, EVC and DFP?
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The X1 does not have DVI, only the VGA port.
I would take PJ Central's "Personal Computer" input to mean that it takes a VGA type signal (which is analog), and "Digital Input" to mean DVI-D or equivalent (a true digital signal).

DVI-D is digital only, DVI-A is analog only (like VGA), and DVI-I means it has both.
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