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Digital PJ'S are no fun.

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I remember when I received my Sony 1272. Wow was I impressed, this thing was just plain huge. I mean it took two people to move it, and it took up the whole living room. When I show it to people for the first time they are just blown away, "that thing is a monster".

Now compare this to a digital PJ. It's nice to be able to carry it around with one hand and set it almost anywhere and project an image. But what fun is that. Before you know it, it is lost under some junk mail and a few magazines your wife get's in the mail. "Honey where is my PJ". Not only that, it reminds me of a slide show PJ. Not very impressive.

When it comes to plug and play you can not beat a digital PJ. But that is it. What's the fun in that for a HT enthusiast. "Let's see everything is set up, what do I do now"? Watch a movie? "Naw, I think I will go out in the garage and tinker". With my Sony I was ready to enroll in a college course on this thing. Wow the amount of controll I have was so cool.

I have found myself a hobby that is very involved. I have spent the last year learning from forum members doing research on the net and trying out new ways to tweak my HT. This could take me a couple of more years before I have reached Nirvana. How fun!

Right now I have dove into a NEC XG 110 and will soon have a shootout between it and my Sony. I'm sure the NEC will win, but by how much. I have the Sony tweaked to perfection. And I can not see the image getting that much better. But who knows I could be blown away again!


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From the heart...

you speaking exactly how I feel... what's the point of having a hobby ...if the tinkering part is done inside and hour.

I haven't got my pj yet, but I'm looking forward to many hours... of fun. I'm already starting to think of clever excuses for the wife, but she knows me well enough that there just that - excuses.

boy's with their toys. Somethings never change - the toys just get more expensive.

speaking of fun - has anyone had a Playstation 2 hooked up to a CRT projector with favorable results. ...Xbox is coming out with a HD output unit (optional) ... I already have my $100 reserve in for the Xbox at Toy-R-Us. ...as you can tell my HT will be mostly used for Movies and Games. PC-Playstation 2- and the upcoming Xbox.

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Wow Deron I cant believe your post, it could have been written by me. This is exactly how I feel too. I recently brought an InFocus DLP projector home from work to hook it up to my HTPC so I could do a little comparison. Within an hour I had the thing dialed in and then I was bored with it. I guess the CRTs are for the people who like to tinker with their stuff. By the way I am in the SanDiego area also. Cheers.

Long Live CRTs

Or, maybe their are people who buy a projector to actually watch a movie :) mwahahahha
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