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Digital Projector for Work and Play ??

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Hi, I may need to pick up a projector to do business presentations.

So it should be relatively small, light, and hopfully under $1500 US ~2K cdn.

I'd also like to use it in my HT to supplement my 61" Toshiba 4:3 RPTV.

My viewing in the house is about 50% 4:3 TV (Kids!)

25% DVD (480P Pan RP91), 25% Broadcast HD (network sports etc) at 1080i

I'm looking for a good digital projector that would have at minimum: Svideo and component inputs.

What brands models should be on my list to track down, demo and price ?

*Remember I'm shopping in Canada, so some brands may not be available.

My room is very large 24 by 40 ft, so don't need any specfic short throw distance models.

I don't plan on getting rid of the Toshiba, so one option is to use the projector for work, HD, and DVD only, and keep using the Tosh for broadcast TV viewing.

I have a reasonable ability to do light control in the room, but most of my movie/HD viewing is at nite anyway.

I have a spare sheet of 4 by 8ft Drywall, Was thinking of hanging it on the wall in a wood frame, and custom painting it to make a quick DIY screen, Suggestions for painting screen ?


Option I'm considering: * Sorry for length of this post ...

Additional info... My friend manages an AV rental business, and they are affilliated with a division that sells AV gear to commercial clients.

I may be able to get a toshiba TLP 780 with about 200 hrs on it for around $1500.00 US. This unit originally sold for over $4000.00 , and I would get remaining 2 yr warranty.

Brief Specs: .9" LCD array, 1024 by 768 native resolution, 2000 lumens * Yep it's a torch ... hope I can tone it down ...

It weighs about 9Lbs so is reasonably portable, and I was able to find one review where the reviewer felt it did a pretty workmanlike job with DVD, and HDTV content.

Should I consider a used commercial higher end unit? I'm not limited to this model, they also have a couple of lower end toshiba 800 by 600 LCD units.

Another alternative is the Toshiba TLP D2? 1024 by 768 DLP. Can't seem to find any info on this one on web, anyone with any experience.

I'm kinda leery of DLP, given that I'd have to buy the unit unseen *My friend is in the city where I used to live, and am concerned about rainbows...

One more question... Toshiba units are rebadged Infocus units ? Does anyone know what infocus units correspond to the models above?

As It seems most US sites discuss the infocus brand much more than Toshiba.

Thanks in advance for any help with this ...

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Welcome to the board. Pretty much all current projectors will have S-Video and component inputs.

Here's the specs on the TLP780. Projector central is listing it as being a Toshiba specific unit: http://www.projectorcentral.com/Toshiba_DPD-TLP-780.htm

The issue that I can see with the 780 is the low contrast ratio: 400:1 . That's fine for business presentations but will yield some less than spectacular results for HT purposes. Also 36Db noise is very loud... which is not a positive thing while watching a movie.

Here's the D2 info: http://www.projectorcentral.com/Tosh...-TDP-D2-US.htm

Note that it has no DVI interface, so that's pretty much going to limit you in the future. Also, the noise output is 37db.

Do some reading up on projector issues. For instance: 4:3 vs 16:9 http://www.projectorcentral.com/formats.htm
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Take a look at the Panasonic LC76u. Ultra portable (I've taken it on the plane to watch movies while on holiday), good light, and around $1500 +/- new.
Best choice, Optoma EZ-Pro 737.


1500 lumens


2000hr bulb


DDR chip

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