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 http://www.mediaplanet.be is just a local fair (should I say teenager fair?) but this year was the first time I saw so many importers/distributors presenting their projectors for Home Cinema usage. Nothing very new to see but its interesting to compare a few well known projectors on short times moving from booth to booth. OK, the comparison may not be fair as none was displaying the same media in the same condition (but Sony with 2 projectors side by side). Anyway, here are my subjective impressions.

First of all, it seems no one here knows what is a video processor, all connections were done either in s-vhs or RGB15K (via SCART connector) and even once via composite video. The media were DVDs. Screens were "matte white" like or white walls.


DLP projectors: I think their projectors are clones. One of them was shooting TS2 in P&S (beuark!), average contrast, average colors, but there wasn't light control.


DPX-1: I heard so many good thinks about it! It won an Eisa Award for a quite blurry image, scaling artifacts and/or poor video deinterlacing. In one word, disappointing. Rainbow artifacts: I saw them but they were tolerable.


4 projectors were on, PLV-60, PLV-30 and two others showing data.

PLV-30 was shotting TS2 in 16/9 (as it should, not like Eizo), so letterboxed: image was horrible, it seems this digital projector don't try to deinterlace but displays each video frame as is; the image was appearing moving fast up and down one pixel, almost unwatchable. Maybe there was something wrong in the setup, I don't know.

PLV-60 was showing Gladiator in a quite light controled room but I "taught" the girl presenting it that the PLV-60 is a 16/9 projector so the DVD player should be set up accordingly and not for a 4/3 display (just for the story, she gave me the player's remote to correct the setup and then she thanked me: indeed, the image was more accurate!). Colors looked nice, but no better than my own "Munsilazed" Sony 10HT (on a GrayHawk...). Globally, the image of this projector is pleasant, even if below the image projected by the Sanyo there was a CRT-TV powered on, not the best way to show the vertues of a projector.

Ooh! I forgot, The "nice girl" told me the 16/9 LCD panels are manufactured by Epson and not by Sony (???).


SW-TPM (NTSC) on HT250 in a dark room: the image was well contrasted and with good colors, but it didn't impressed me. Also, it showed lots of artifacts, it was worse than the Yamaha. Really, the HT250 needs a video processor. Rainbow artifacts: I couldn't see any.

HT200DM: I didn't look to much at it as it was showing a DTS DVD demo via video composite cable (I saw Titan A.E. and some singer in concert -Eric Clapton?-). Colors weren't very saturated but it didn't showed the HT250's bad artifacts.

HT300: sorry, not yet. Will be here on january 2002.


VPL-CS3 and VPL-HS1 "Cineza" with "Side Shot" enabled, side by side without light control. Both projectors display a similar image, Cineza's contrast is maybe a bit better and colors a bit more saturated, but I couldn't tell it if they weren't side by side. (On the outside there was the plasma PFM-42 showing the same DVD -Vertical Limit- and it was possible to see the three images at once; really, projectors can't compete in brightness and contrast, this plasma impressed me).

Sony showed the brand new Cineza with an unacceptable defect: five dead green pixels! It looks like manufacturing LCD panels is still a nightmare for Sony.

Maybe one word about the "Side Shot": this is just digital horizontal keystoning correction, but it works pretty well. I expected lots of artifacts, but the image was as smooth as with the VPL-CS3. By eye, the Cineza was using about 700 pixels width (from 800), 450 pixels heigth on the left and 400 pixels on the right (and the view area was a 16/9 rectangle, indeed). The Cineza was aligned with the left edge of the screen.

VPL-VW11HT: first the bad; it was showing a dust blob! this projector is supposed to have an improved dust prevention against the 10HT...

Now the good; it displayed the best colors compared to all projectors I say at the fair, and the light control was poor.

Finally the neutral: contrast, colors and "blacks" didn't look better than my (calibrated) 10HT. Really, I think the GrayHawk makes miracles here.


I saw a "don't know which" projector at the JM-Lab booth: horrible! I just stayed 15 seconds. It was showing SW-TPM: skin was red (like darth maul ;)) and artifacts were jumping out of the screen.

My global conclusions:

"blacks" are still a issue for ALL digital projectors, either DLP or LCD. I have the subjective impression that my 10HT on my GrayHawk shows better "blacks". I expect to see the Sharp 9000 in a fortnight at the http://www.acf.be fair; lets see what it can do.

All projectors showed PAL media but Sim2 (NTSC then). I think the best internal video processing was done by Sony's projectors. It seems Sony boosted its DRC for the best. I need to see Vertical Limit on my 10HT to see if there is a difference. Maybe the Sanyo PLV-60 does also a good job here, but I didn't looked too much at it (because of the girl ;)).

LCD have better colors than DLP. This is not a definitive affirmation, but the three expected very good projectors for this, the Yamaha and the two Sim2, were not as good as the PLV-60 and the 11HT, not even as my 10HT. And all three DLP were on a light controled room.

All these projectors were better than my 10HT in one aspect: uniformity. The "green fog" of my 10HT, while attenuated by the GrawHawk, is still annoying me on dark scenes.

For those interested, Mediaplanet is open until monday 11/5 in Brussels, but don't come from too far, you'll be disappointed.


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Salut Carlos! j'ai vu l'email mais je réponds ici :

I'll go tommorrow at the media planet but I am ready to be disappointed, AGAIN ! European resellers needs a serious teaching on how to FEED their projectors! And some teaching!

each time I see those demonstrations, my calibrated Philips LC2000 looks much better ( less detailed because of lower resolution) but so much more natural, fluid, contrasted. The real stuff remains a well calibrated CRT, which, btw, are much more often well set up during those fairs.


the ACF might save us? :)



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Hi David, I expect to have 2 or 3 free entrance tickets for ACF. Tell me if you want one.

I need to correct one thing:

It was not Eizo but EzPro what I saw. In fact EzPro seems to be projector's "name", the brand being Optoma.


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Salut Carlos

argh, let's do it in English then , forum policy :)

1. free tickets: at 650BF, I 'm interested ! you want to come over here one evening for a demo ? (more by email )

2. comments on the MEDIA PLANET "Ã* chaud" :)

a) overal feeling: kinda disappointing... ( and it's not a success: 45,000entrance so far vs 126,000 last year: crisis is coming )

b) second overall feeling: I like LCD! :D

c) the SONY/KINEPOLIS demo: cool!!boomy sound, no dialogues level, so let's forget this. but the "package" offered is coooool: Kiné seats, carpets, Sony 11HT , etc.

For "just" svhs connection and poor ambiant light control, it looks quite 'watchable" indeed. especially on VERTICAL LIMIT. no rainbows :D, smooth, much better colors than DLP, good contrast. I whished it could have been demoed with HTPC or a good scaler or in component. I much prefered the pixel structure of the Sony vs the dlp. Very good, very "video oriented". Cntrast was good but could have been much better guess with component progressive or RGB.

d) Seleco-Lexicon-Genelec: great stound! wow! studio monitors, amplified, Lexicon 412 behind but the dts demo 5 disc is thunderous dvd also (!), though it's image is so so I would say ( I have it ). Speaking of image, I had very hard time to notice the RGB rainbows if any, the 6segments wheel plays it role. However, the colors ( but again, the dvd used here has some influence) where subdued and the overal picture had a "greyish" feeling. Blacks were not that good. No idea how the Seleco was connected. DLP structure visible.

e) SANYO: poor stand!! minimal demo but those big LCD look gorgeous, with incredible connectivity. The stupidity was to feed them via svhs or hd15 and not using the RGBHV BNC. Did not like the PLV30 pixel structure.

f) YAMAHA DLP: at least if was feeded in RGB/Component but with only a progressive player it seems. lots of artefacts. But quite good contrast, even very close (1time the width). Colors better then the Seleco but we should have compared the same dvds to decide though. Great connectivity. Had one hell of a laught with MUPPETS IN SPACE!!! :) :)

MOUSE HUNT and FLUBBER still had that kinda greyish overal feeling though. The giant spider scene (what's the movie again?) was reformated in 4:3 instead of 1.85:1 doh! Lots of artefacts, ringings. Definitely an issue with the deinterlacing (projector or player ?). DLP structure more visible than the Seleco I would say, especially on static menu and stuff (ouch!).

conclusion: the Sony is a great machine and should look truely awesome with the right "food" :D ( cinematrix, HTPC, scaler ).

There's definitely something disturbing with mono DLP.

And as for contrast ratio of 800 or 900:1, doh! where is it ??

I also miss the delta pixel arrangement of the few old lcds, I really thing it gave very nice and natural images, much smoother and pleasant to the eyes than the straight mirrors or pixel arrangement. the Sony 10HT somehow reminds me of this delta arrangement. But the multmedia market rules...

can't wait to see what the Sharp can do.

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Hey Carlos (car rod)

What would you "guess" the contrast on the Cineza to be. I am a newbie lurker and am considering this unit. In Canada where I live I can walk into a Sony Store and just buy one of these and could probably return it if I wasn't happy with the pixel count. I like the features and where I live there are no HDTV broadcasts (Vancouver BC Canada). Would you be able to live with this unit if it didn't have dead pixels? Someone's opinion who has actually seen a few models side by side would be helpful.


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