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Digital Stream HiDTV™ PRO card

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Has anyone used/tested this card yet? How does it compare to the HiPix card? Here is the web site for more info: http://dstreamtech.com/English/2-HiDTVPRO.htm

They are supposed to start selling these in the US at the end of the month...


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This is from the description of the card, at the bottom of the page:

PCI Bus Interface

32-bit interface at 33MHz or 66MHz bus clock
Supports transfer of 704x240p [email protected] or 60fps over PCI bus

Is that resolution wrong, or is it just my ignorance?
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They have updated their page.

I spotted that, too and I am not sure if they are saying that is all they can support uncompressed or what.

It does not appear that they are using a pass-through cable, so they may be downscaling for recording.
That refers to either the preview window capability (when not using a loopback cable) or the analog TV recording resolution. The display from the HD output connector will be full HD resolutions and the ATSC recordings would have full resolution.

Even more interesting is the 'Lite' version mentioned on the same link with software HD decode!

Hi All:

___I am wondering if they screwed up the spec’s? Since it is only a 32-bit card, it most certainly can fit in a PCI-X type 66 MHz slot but it is does not appear to be long enough a true 64-bit/66 MHz card? I don’t know if 32-bit/66 MHz cards are even available, are they?

___GaryHDTV: Nice catch on the HiDTV Lite. I have been ready for something similar to this for quite some time as well … The problem appears to be that they started up there bulletin board about 9 months ago and have not replied to a single question. I should have looked at that before I placed my questions into the list as well. I have a feeling this company is a waste of time.

___Good Luck

___Wayne R. Gerdes

___Hunt Club Farms Landscaping Ltd.

___ [email protected]
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64 bits is non a requirement for 66 MHz PCI cards. 3.3V I/O however is. The PCI spec allows for 5V 33 MHz, 3.3V 33 MHz, and 3.3V 66 MHz cards. Within that range cards can be either 32 or 64 bits wide. Also while the PCI spec requires that the bus provide both 3.3V and 5V power, early PC mother boards violated this spec by leaving out the 3.3V supply.

PCI-X is a new spec and allows for higher clock frequencies than 66 MHz.
>PCI-X is a new spec and allows for higher clock frequencies than 66 MHz.
I have a couple of HiDiTV Lite boards. There are no software decode filters for the board. Attempts to get these for development failed. Last heard, the Lite was being targeted for datacast reception only.
Why would they target the Lite card at datacasting when they already have another product, the HiDTV-Datacast, for that purpose?
AFAIK the datacast and lite are the same board with different firmware. Seems to me that one of the two will fall by the wayside (namely the software decode version). Unless someone from Digital Stream can prove me wrong?
Hello, this is Digital STREAM Technology,Inc. in Seoul , Korea.

First, thank you for your interest on our products.

I'm Kevim Kim in charge of HiDTV PRO support.

Here is some answer to help you. ( i hope )

1) HiDTV PRO 2.0 (different features than HiPix 3.0b)

- HiDTV PRO has more powerful features in Remote Controller (25 function in default )

For example : Pause , Capture , Recording in HD-Out mode , Change

display mode , File Listing in OSD for playback and more.

- Skin function ( 3 type skin included. we'll update more skins in later )

- File Playback Navigator : Forward and rewind function supported while

TS file playback. (per 30 second , 1 minute and 5 minute )

- Fine tunning for NTSC channels with more detail frequency adjusting.

- Powerful PSIP parsing : Major / Minor channel support.

Channel Descriptor (displayed in OSD)

Multi-language support (in digital channel)

- Detail options for slow PC

2) Upcoming Features in HiDTV PRO 2.0

We'll try to update with new functions as soon as possible.

3) About PCI Bus Interface description

First, " 32 bit interface at 33Mhz or 66Mhz bus clock" comes from Teralogic

Janus Chip reference. So there is no functional defect. (in my opinion)

Of course , HiDTV PRO 2.0 is 32 bit interface card whether PCI bus works in

33Mhz or 66Mhz. And also there is some sort of new mainboard in PC market. ( .. like ASUS , Tyan..)

4) Recording Digital HD program

There is no downscaling recording in digital channels. (watching in downscaled , this make sense.)

The recorded file has own origial resolution that comes from TV broadcaster

But when you playback this TS file , video resolution in PC overlay windows

depend on PCI bus and our application's option setting. (704x240p


You can also playback TS file directly into display device without using PCI bus , that's HD-Out mode. (up to 1080i )

I think this is similar to the other Janus based card ; HiPix , MDP-100 etc.

Thank you sir, GaryHDTV

5) About our Bulletin Board.

For visitor in our board , we replied each of them via e-mail and keep on

relation with them. so don't worry about past messages.

From now on , we'll not only reply board but also mail to visitors.

If there is anything we can do for you , please do not hesitate to write us.

6) Lite for software decoding and Lite for datacasting

We have both SW decoding and datacasting solution. Beside datacasting,

HiDTV Lite can decode digital terrestrial broadcasting stream in 720x480p.

Unfortunately , there is some limitation like PC CPU power , VGA card device

driver problem with ATIs , iDCT function and OS dependency

So Lite has only limited users. (ATI Radeon 64M DDR or higher , P3-933Mhz or higher , Windows 98 SE / Me / XP (another limitation with DXVA feature)

In these times , we are test about various system for HiDTV Lite.

But, datacasting has no limitation or problem. And also datacasing card has very stable status.

For more information about HiDTV Datacast , please contact us.
[email protected]

I hope it might help you for understand our products.

If you have any further question , please leave message in this board or

send me an e-mail

[email protected]

Thank you.
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Hello Kevin,

Welcome to the forum. I think the big question on everyones mind is when/where can we buy your products in the US :) I would especially like to experiment with the Lite card since my system is exactly as you describe.

Using the DXVA interface and the Ravisent mpeg decoder, it's possible to playback 720p with no problems. 1080i still has some issues. Since the CPU utilization is not that high ~40%, this seems to be a timing issue rather than a problem with not having enough CPU clock cycles.

All indications are that the current hardware is fast enough to decode 1080i or [email protected], it's just the software holding up the show.

I've recently tried XP with the DXVA Ravisent drivers (ATI 7.6) and I was getting better 1080i performance on the same machine under Win98SE with the ATI 4.1 non-DXVA Ravisent drivers.

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