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Want to set up Dilard to use with 4 x 3 material from cds. Have desk top at 1360 by 768.

Imported Dilard Mod to display 4 x 3 computer material on 16 x 9 screen and accepted all the defaults except changed it to computer 2 where I send my HTPC output to.

I does not seem to actually shut off the pixels and the numbers in the geometry setup look strange. (not 1024 by 768) What should they be?

The goal is to use the non zoom version and only change source when a DVD is in 3 x 4 format. When doing this can I leave the desktop alone or do I need a different PowerStrip setting also?

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I am also trying to figure out how to display 4:3 content on my

16:9 screen w/out zooming.

Here's the result of my research into this topic:

At first glance, it would appear that the Center 4-3 Computer

Material on 16-9 Screen (Perfect Timing)
found on the
Dilard Download page

is the Dilard-equivalent of the Non-Zoomed 4:3 Display on a 16:9

previously offered by Mark Foster and described in
this thread

My video material is the 4:3 test pattern from Video Essentials

(Video Test Patterns, Chapter 17). The DVD is playing from my HTPC

via PowerDVD 3.0 configured to use the full-screen (ie, lock aspect ratio

is not checked). The HTPC is connected to the G11 computer 1 input.

The HTPC is running Powerstrip 3.0 and in the case of this test is set

for the DILA 1360x1024 perfect timings.

With that setup and the G11 on the SXGA3 source, the image is filling

the entire G11 panel and of course shoots above and below my 16:9 screen.

However, the image geometry is correct. The circles in the test pattern

are round and the entire source image fits the full video image.

It just does not fit my 16:9 screen.

However, when switching to the modified XGA1 source, the image fits

inside the screen but the bottom two circles are cropped to the point

that only the top portion of the circles (now ovals) show. The image

is also horizontally squeezed.

I traded some short emails with Mark Hunter in which he stated that

this mod was created for some 4:3 DirectX games he plays and is not

appropriate for what we are trying to do. He suggested that I modify

the default SXGA2 setting and aim for a centered 1024x768 image with

~82% horizontal scaling.

I won't be able to play with Dilard and my projector until late

next week, but I wanted to post this information as it seems that

several other people are trying to figure out the answer to this

problem too.



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Thanks for the comments Craig.

I played around with the 1024 x 768 SXGA2 approach and it seems like it can be made to work. But I am not sure about sending anything to a D-ila projector that is not 1360 wide so as to avoid the projectors internal scaler. Is that not a problem if I am going to SXGA2 instead of 3?

Please keep me informed of your discoveries and I will do the same.

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Mark Foster described this mod as one of the most difficult. To display a 4:3 source material with 1024x768 mage in the middle of a top justified 16:9 screen that normally displays 1360*768 pixels. Approximately 168 vertical lines on either side of the image area will have to be turned off.

Why not use YXY?



Don O
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