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I have 2 KEF reference speakers, a velodyne subwoofer and a high end marantz receiver which is 10 years old and has just 5 audio inputs.

I recently purchased a new TV (Samsung 8500) and need a new center channel. My option is to purchase a speaker bar (B&W Panorama) or upgrade the receiver and go with the Def Tec Mythos ssa-50 speaker bar.

I love the sound of the B&W Panorama but hate the thought of leaving my Kef's out of the mix as the Panorama is self-powered.

If I use the Mythos ssa-50 the five channel inputs on my current receiver get used and my Kef's are rendered useless.

I've considered just a center speaker but can't find one that is small enough in dimension to sit on the same shelf as the TV without blocking the remote sensor.

Hanging or wall mounting the display is not an option.

So, should I upgrade my receiver to accommodate the Mythos ssa-50 (plus Kef's) and get the benefits of video processing and a just ok center channel or should I spend the money on the B&W Panorama.
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