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Dilemma Onkyo R520 / Kenwood N8100

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OK, so here's the story...

You should be able to tell by the subject line that I'm no audiophile, and I'm on a relatively tight budget. However, in the last couple weeks, I got in on a couple of deals that were too hard to pass up.

Last week I bought an Onkyo HT770 system from Fry's for $380. Just tonight, I picked up a Kenwood N8100 for $189.

I've been comparing these side by side, and although I've never had a digital amp before, I'm thinking I like the sound from the Kenwood quite a but better than the Onkyo. Not to mention, it's a networked receiver.

I feel compelled to take the 770 back, but at the price I got it, It's a tough call.

Any thoughts?
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If you do not have room for the 770, why not try to sell it online first? If the deal was that good, it would only make sense, and whoever buys it may be getting a real good deal. (I do not know of the pricing on them)

That you got the 8100 for under $200 is amazing. I wonder what is up with this unit?

I just bought the same thing today, and paid 250 thinking that I got a steal of a deal.

Going rate on the 770 is about 500, but it dips to 400 every once in a while on sale.

The only problem with trying to sell this thing online is it comes in a frickin refrigerator box. Shipping would surely eat up the $100+ dollars someone could save over retail.

As for the N8100, all the salesman could tell me is that they were discontinuing.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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