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Here is a video showing the performance of the three cameras in 3D indoors under dim and very dim lighting.

The camera is moved on a track so you can check for motion artifacts, as well as color rendition, resolution and noise. (You can see the subtle non-smooth result from the 24fps of the Fuji).

It is clear for dim situations, you get what you pay for. Or you should just make sure there is adequate lighting when you shoot, in which case all three do well, except for the very visible lower resolution of the Fuji.

It is nice that in Vegas Pro all three cameras' clips co-exist perfectly on the timeline, and edit in 3D, despite the fact that the TD10 video is 108060i MVC, the 3D Bloggie video is 108030p 1/2-frame sbs, and the Fuji clips are 720249 MJPEG full-frame sbs.
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