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Dim Picture

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Hi all,

Post virgin here so go easy.

Using my missus' PC for a HTPC unit:

P4, 3ghz, 1gig ram, nVidia GeForce 5500 video card into an NEC HT1000 DLP via RGB.

Also using powerstrip - 1280x720.

Picture compared to an old Sony DVPS-715 is SO dim it's unreal.

Res also seems low. Verified when I switch back to the monitor. Text is almost impossible to read.

Where did I go so wrong?

Please help?
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To clarify....brightness is very low. There's just none of that 'wow' factor I was SO hoping for.

The Sony DVD feeds in via component cable to the projector.

I HAVE tried adjusting nVidia's brightness/contrast/gamma settings but it just makes it all worse.

Is it the graphics card that's simply not up to the job, or is powerstrip screwing things up for me?

Thanks for any help received. I am grateful.
The NEC is a 1024x768/60hz projector, that is the resolution and refresh rate you should be sending. It should help clear up some of the rez issues as you're not scaling twice. Next I would set the NVidea's controls to default, get AVIA or DVE and use the projector's controls for contrast/brightness/gamma.
Thanks John. So I should simply set this as the desktop resolution and bypass Powerstrip altogether? Or set powerstrip to 1024x768?
1024X768 is xga resolution, which all video cards allow. Powerstrip is for custon resolutions not available through your video card driver. In this case, no you do not need it. I agree that you should calibrate it with a calibration disk. If you don't have one, alot of movies have a THX optimizer in the setup section of the dvd (Monsters, Inc, Star Wars to name a few). Use that and it should get you pretty close.
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