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dipole or monopole for side speakers?

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I am adding side speakers to my room (5.1 to 7.1) and I am undecided on what I should go with. What are the pros and cons of dipole vs monopole for side speakers?
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Dipoles disperse the sound, making it seem as if the sound doesn't have a particular point of origin on the side of your room. Some find this preferrable for movies, but others like a identifiable point of origin when listening to music, so only you can make the decision for yourself.

I use dipoles on the sides and monopoles on the back wall. I have tried every configuration and use the dipoles since distance to my sides is a lttle closer than to my fronts or surrounds(2-3 ft. closer) This helps surround me in the side effects and helps when using EX or ES titles with seemless sweeps during flyby type scenes.

Bi-poles work for the sides, too. I have them on the sides, and monopole in the back (largely by default since I had them lying around).
You didn't list bipoles, so they probably aren't an option for your brand of speaker. Between the other two, I say it would depend on your room layout, listening preferences, and if you want 5 or 7.1
thx for the response.

I own B&W Nautilus so my only options are between the Nautilus SCM1's or new 700 series DS7. DS7 are both mono and dipole but I am concerned about how they would blend in with my Nautilus. The fact that they (DS7's)can do both, dipole and mono, make them very appealing. I don't have a B&W dealer close enough to borrow a pair from to audition.
I am considering the DS7s to match my 802s/HTM1. I would love to get your opinion on how the DS7s blend with your Nautilus speakers if you have already purchased them.


Di-poles came to be in the ProLogic days when the processor created the surround illusion. The diffuse sound helped that illusion. Today movies are recorded in 5.1 so it makes it a matter of personal choice. Go listen to both and see which you prefer.
I live in the Boston area and we have 3 local B&W dealers - and none of them had the DS6/DS7 available for demo.:mad:

I was looking for side surround speakers for my CDM series. I bought the DS6 (from the 600 series) and it blends perfectly with my 9NTs and CNT center. I like the dipole mode for movies.

The DS7 has better drivers and cabinet - plus a 12v trigger.
Originally posted by Tex-amp
Di-poles came to be in the ProLogic days when the processor created the surround illusion. .

Actually, in Pro-Logic the surround channel is NOT processor created - the FRONT

channel is.

In Pro-Logic, there was a discrete monaural surround channel that was matrixed on

top of the front channels. The processor decodes the matrix - but the surround channel

was discrete. However, it was monaural - both rear speakers got the same signal.

The FRONT channel was the processor created channel. Special "steering" circuitry

looked for the common component in the front 2 channels - and assumed that this

common component was the dialog - and created that channel for the front speaker.
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