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I do it wirelessly. From the PC to the Router it is hardwired, but from the Router to PS3 [newest Nov firmware] it stutters a little and then plays back... it stutters a little every now and then for a few seconds and then carry on playing. Strangely for some MP4 it plays back with no stuttering while others will exhibit this problems... Will getting a new Dir 855 solve this problems. I am not using a Dlink PCI or PCIe Card. I use the built in motherboard Gigabit Realtek [almost all mobos use realtek in some form or fashion now] connection. I tried this settings made by someone here but it still stutters. Advise/ suggestions? Strangely some AVI plays with no stuttering problem even it is a 4GB file while some with 1.4gb avi have problems... so I am unable to know exactly which format plays truly better than others. Same goes for Mp4 formats.. small size files generally give problems while larger file size has no issues... or at least very minimized. Or should I use NETGEAR XAVB101??

Under Advanced --> QOS engine --> QOS engine setup

Uncheck "Dynamic Fragmentation"

Advanced --> Firewall Settings

Uncheck "Enable anti-spoof checking"

Under Advanced --> Secure Spot

Uncheck "Enable Securespot services"

Under Setup --> Internet --> Manual Internet Connection Setup:

Uncheck "Enable Advanced DNS Service"

Under Setup --> Network Settings --> Router Settings:

Uncheck "Enable DNS Relay"

Under Setup --> Network Settings --> DHCP Server Settings:

Check "Always Broadcast"
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