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Direct Speakers vs Bipolar Speakers

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Do you find watching movies more exciting with direct speakers or bipolar speakers?
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I find that direct radiating speakers work the best for most setups. Bi-Poles or Di-Poles would be very interesting for the front soundstage. I’d like to hear anyone’s experience with using something other than monopoles for their LCR.
Having dated some of each I can say I DEFINITELY prefer Direct over Bi-polar women....😌

Oh crap....what forum is this....???🙄🏻🤣
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I'm running with bipolar front stage (Definitive Technology) and love the speakers. You still get a good precise image, just sounds a little more lifelike.

Ps I don't listen to any critical music. Only random music with people over. Majority of my experience is movies and video games.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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