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Directs for surrounds - how high?

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How high should I be thinking of mounting my surround speakers - higher to the ceiling using the dolby reccomendation - or closer to ear level?

What is the reality out there - I see a lot of gallery photos with rears low - sometimes on stands below seatback level.

I am using Anthony Gallo Micros.
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I've changed my surrounds twice (from Atoms to Titans to Studio 20's) and have always been changing placement/heighth as time goes on.

Currently the speakers are on stands that are just above ear level for the tweeter. They are positioned towards each other angling frontwards a bit. I did this as a compromise between HT and DVD-A.

I think its sounds good for both. YMMV.

All you can do is try a few different ways and see what sounds best in your setup.

edit sorry, I forgot to mention the surrounds are about 2' behind and away from the couch.
I have mine slightly behind the seating area and a little above your ear level facing each other. This is for home theater as I don't have a SACD or DVD-A player yet. Positions may want to change a little when I do. But I found it to be better than behind and facing forward a little. Again this is alot easier if you just play with position yourself and see what is best for you.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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