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directshow media player besides ZoomPlayer?

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Is there other recommanded DirectShow media player, besides ZoomPlayer? I need to have a custom directshow media playback graph for Japanese 1080i HDTV TS file playback with the:

- file source (asyn)

- Elecard 3.0 MPEG2 Demux

- DScaler 5.06 MPEG decoder

- M2Dec AAC decoder

The playback always work in GraphEdit. ZoomPlayer 4.5 sometimes works but often crash with address error!

The DirectShow media player must support VMR9 Renderless mode. I tried Media Player Classic but can't figure out how to do custom graph playback!

Thanks in advance.


Li On

PS: too bad TheaterTek has no custom graph support...
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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