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DirectTV and Replay Question: Locals and DirectTv Play Together?

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Alright, a friend of mine has DirectTV and just got a Replay (5504) and we're trying to figure out the best way for him to hook it up. Right now he's got it working like this:

DirectTV ---> ReplayTV via input1

Locals ---> ReplayTV via coax (uses Replay's Tuner)

Now, he's having a problem recording one channel -- I think it might be the infamous Channel 6 problem with the Replay tuner.

I've never had DirectTV, but I seem to remember somewhere that it's possible to integrate your Local channels directly into the DirectTV guide as well (similar to how Replay can combine two inputs). I seem to remember another DirectTV system somewhere where you could tune to 9006 or something and get the local channel 6.... Channel 123 was a normal DirectTV station, etc.

If so, I wonder if it would be better for him to go down the path of hooking the antenna into the DirectTV instead of into the Replay and then have the local channels go through Input1 from there instead:

Locals ---> DirectTV ---> ReplayTV via input1

Does this make sense at all? Do most DirectTV tuners also have an Over-the-air tuner to convert the locals through to a composite output? If so, is this how anyone is doing DirectTV with Replay?

Any comments with advantages, disadvantages appreciated....


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I would go with the setup you are currently using. Which version of software is on his 5504? You can check it by pressing 411 then Replay Zones. The number should have 190 at the end, that version fixes that Channel 6 problem.

Anyhow, if you are using the IR Blaster to change channels on the DirecTV receiver, using the internal tuner for locals on the ReplayTV is more reliable. Also, the setup is more direct by using the Replay's tuner. Finally, if he uses the internal tuner on the Replay and the Antenna output to the TV, it's easier to record one thing while watching something else live.
SpedInFargo - I have the same setup you described with the version of software that ends in 190 and I had a two problems with channel 6.

Problem 1 was when I would tune the Replay to channel 6 I would get a message that said there was no signal. I fixed that problem by putting a Radio Shack in-line amplifier in front of the Replay internal tuner. Apparently, the Replay internal tuner requires more signal strength than anything else.

Problem 2 was I would receive diagonal lines that would roll through channels 5 and 6. I solved that problem by putting a Radio Shack RF filter in front of the Replay internal tuner.

DirecTV does offer local channels for about $5 per month. I don't know what they offer for Fargo though.
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