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Anybody watching WDAF 4.1 with a DirecTV DVR with an AM21 add-on tuner plugged in?

I for the last month have trickplay (rewind, fast-forward, 30 second skip, and 5 second skip back) problems with only WDAF's 4.1 OTA signal. I tested all other antenna channels they appear to work fine.

I had DirecTV model HR24/500 DVR before with very few problems but the modem died. So DirecTV replaced it with a HR21/100 DVR and this is when the problems began. I had problems with this DVR so I got a replacement unit. Next come a HR22/100 DVR with the same problems so they replace it with a HR24/100 DVR and still the same problem. I even brought a new AM21 unit to see if this would solve this problem it didn't. I also have had recordings fail and the picture freeze-up when I review a part of a show.

Anybody else with this type of problem please report also; if anybody solved this problem please post.
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