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DirecTV box output - component to coax

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Basic to intermediate knowledge...

I want to run two tv's from single DirecTV box. The box has a single HDMI and component outputs. TV1 is connected directly to the single HDMI. TV2 is 40ft away, and already has coaxial cable run through the wall to within about 15ft of the DirecTV box. Question 1, do I split HDMI or go component to TV2? Question 2, what type device do I use to connect this run to the coaxialwill distance be a problemwill I need something poweredetc? Any help will be appreciated.
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The easiest way (and this is how I have my DirecTV HR21 feeding two HDTVs) is to use component video from the box to TV1 and HDMI to TV2...a distance of 40' should not be a problem for HDMI.

The coaxial cable you have in place won't be of much use to you unless TV2 was an older SD set. In that case you'd connect the red & white analog audio and yellow composite video outputs of your DirecTV receiver to the inputs of an RF modulator and connect the coax to the output....I have mine hooked up this way as well feeding an old CRT in the bedroom.
If you don't want to run new cables, you could use an HDMI/component to single coax converter, such as this , which generally run from about $250 to $1000. The more expensive ones allow direct tuning by the TV and don't need a receiver at the TV end.

Alternately you might consider a wireless HDMI solution such as from brite-View, HP, or Vizio, which run from about $150-250.

Don't know of any component to single coax converters.

For most of the HDMI solutions, you will need an HDMI splitter or switch (splitters are more problematic) to allow the DirecTV HDMI single output to go to both the one TV and the HDMI converter.
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