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About a month ago, my TVGOS service died on my Panasonic DVR-EH75V. After many contacts via Panasonic and finally Rovi Corp, I received an email from Rovi saying that DirecTV had decided to stop providing TVGOS data.

DirecTV staff either don't know what TVGOS data is or they will confirm that it has been dropped - because I'd just told them that I'd been told that by Rovi. Final email was that they had not changed any of their programming!

I haven't found any mention of others losing this service recently. Does anyone have up-to-date information?

What are the options? Directv just want to sell me a DVR. I read a suggestion on AVS to use Directv h20 or HR20 to integrate OTA TVGOS and Directv but that was old threat.

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