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DirecTV/Echostar HD Package

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In watching the news conference this morning, one of the things Ergen mentioned was more HD content at a cost of $10/month. So if this merger goes through, it looks like the free ride for satellite HD is coming to an end. Though if this means more HD, I won't complain about $10/month.

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In the past, there have been numerous posts expressing a willingness to have a good HDTV package and pay for it. I certainly wouldn't object. What I'd like to see is the ability to get just HBO's and Showtime's HD channels (both east and west feeds) without having to subscribe to their non HD channels.
I agree, Jerry. I would be more than happy to unsubscribe to my HBO package in order to receive HBO HD, Showtime HD, and HDNet for $10 per month. Throw in another network or two, such as ACSN and it is even better. The fact is, I almost never watch any HBO channel other than the HD channel.

I think that having an HD package would be great because it would give them something to market -- having to think about how to make it attractive to people before people will pay for it.
Question for the techies out there. Can anyone speculate on the technicals of this merger between DirecTV and Dish (if indeed the regulators allow it). What I mean: is it actually technically feasible for currently existing DirecTV subscribers to at some future point using the same receivers get new channels (high def) from Dish Network's satellites?

I'm trying to understand if this merger will actually mean new content / bandwidth capabilities or if it simply will remain two distinct services with duplicated operations, no benefit to the consumer, and higher prices for us all in the future?

I'm hoping they can effectively double their bandwidth and offer lots of HD content as well as more local channels.
The million dollar question for me is, what satellite will these HD channels be going. I am screwed if everything gets moved to 61. I think it is time for a one dish solution for all!
I think there will be plenty of bandwidth at 110 & 119 for HD. Direct TV has one sat each at 110 & 119 and Dish has one at 110 and two at 119. After consolidation, there should be two sat left over for lots of HD programming.

I guess this thread's topic goes hand in hand with this one

My guess is that once all the red tape is cut both services will


an HD package with ShoHd for D* and HDNet for the Winner.

when they release their new HD box is when I think they will

consolidate their HD services.

So it looks like we might have the Olympics in HD on E*!!!
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