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Greetings, All,


DirecTV HR21-100 satellite receiver

Monoprice 8146 Component-to-HDMI converter

Monoprice 7972 HDMI 1x4 powered splitter

Gefen two-piece (send & receive) HDMI CAT-5e powered extender assy

Onkyo TX-NR727 Audio/Video Receiver

Mitsubishi HC5500 LCD High-Definition (HDMI inputs) home theater projector


Component out from HR21 to 8146 converter (sidesteps ridiculous HDCP restrictions with HBO, et al)

HDMI out from 8146 to 7972 splitter

HDMI out from 7972 to Gefen sender

Cat5 cable out from Gefen send unit to Gelfen receiver

HDMI out from Gefen receiver to TX-NR727 AVR (to STB/DVR HDMI input port)

HDMI out from TX-NR727 to HC5500 projector

Distance from source area (Sat receiver) to display area (AVR and Projector) is 80 feet/25 meters.

The above setup gives me NO picture from projector nor sound from TX-NR727. There is a brief apparent "hand-shaking" attempt, but then the projector displays "NO INPUT."

A DVD player connected directly via HDMI to TX-NR727 (to BD/DVD HDMI input) and out to the projector provides both picture and sound perfectly.

Connecting an HDMI cable directly from the Gefin receiver to the projector (into same port as above) provides a perfect HD picture.

A small/cheap HDMI tester indicates a good HDMI signal when installed between the Gefin and the AVR, as well as when installed between the AVR and the projector.

I have tried a straight run of Monoprice "Redmere" HDMI cable from the 7972 splitter to the AVR, but no joy there either. Connecting the same cable to the projector provides a perfect HD picture.

CEC in the AVR is disabled, and no "Ethernet" connections between the Gefin send and receive units. Connecting the Ethernet ports of the Gefin units, and/or enabling CEC made no difference (nor should it).

Please advise. I feel I must be missing some setup step in the AVR - or elsewhere - but can't find it if so.

Thanks much.


Titusville FL USA
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