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I've got multiple Directv boxes, some older HD (H21-200) receivers and then I was just given some newer ones (H25-500).

I have to send some back and trying to decide which ones to keep.

Specifically I have one situation I want to describe.

I am going to use at least one set top box to play through a Hauppage HD PVR (or other similar devices in the future) and had intended to connect via Component Video in and Optical Audio in.

HERE is my problem:

The H21-200 has Component and Optical out as seen here:

The H25-500, however does not. It has an "A/V Out" which the Directv guy gave me an adapter which splits out to component outs and left/right RCA audio outs:

My question/problem is this. Is there any theoretical, practical, etc. complication that anyone would see in copying video from the H25 with it's "A/V Out" in 720p or 1080i (compared to the H21) with an HD PVR or any similar device? Now, or in the future?

OR, does anyone have any other specific comments regarding the comparison of these two for what I'm describing? Any specific comments on what an "A/V Out" is? I haven't seen this before.

Some side observations:

I am fully aware that with the H25 I'd be losing the ability to capture digital audio (5.1). It's probably too much hassle to figure out a way to convert the Coax digital out on the H25 to an optical in on the HD PVR.

I see that the H25 has an external remote 1/8" jack in which I think might be helpful because I'm having a horrible time getting the external IR blaster to work on the HD PVR and H21-200.

The H21 has an ethernet connection, but I think this has never been used for anything (and presumably never will). And then the H25 is seriously like 1/4 the size of the H21.
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