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Let's join the DBS and cable companies in the fight against multicasting.


DirecTV Makes Case Against Multicasting

Oct 19, 2004

CableFAX via NewsEdge Corporation :

Concerned that the DTV carriage discussions being batted around Washington have concentrated more on cable than DBS, DirecTV recently visited the FCC to make its voice heard. "[The] focus has been on carriage requirements for cable systems," DirecTV said in its FCC presentation Oct 8. There is "only a brief mention" of DBS in the FCC's notice of proposed rulemaking, it added.

The Commission is expected to issue a final decision on dual must carry and multicasting by year-end. Broadcasters are pushing hard for a multicasting requirement, announcing plans to launch local weather and news services with their extra digital space. Cable doesn't want to be forced to carry the streams. Neither does DirecTV.

In an FCC filing last week, DirecTV stressed its plans to launch 500 local HD channels next year and another 1K in '07 depend on being able to use compression and carriage of the primary video signal only. DirecTV argued HD carriage actually would decrease bandwidth requirements for cable systems. A 6Mhz over-the-air (OTA) analog channel takes up 6 MHz on an analog system. An HD OTA signal uses only 3-4 MHz on a typical digital system. "Thus, digital conversion saves 1/3 to 1/2 the capacity currently required for retransmission of local stations," DirecTV said. But for DBS ops, it said, conversion for HD requires 6 times as much capacity for local broadcast carriage. "Any HD carriage requirement prior to launch of all 4 satellites would severely limit DirecTV's ability to serve local markets."

The rest of the article is here .
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