Cord cutters looking for cable and satellite TV linear streaming alternatives will have a new option starting tomorrow. DirecTV Now will launch on November 30 with an appealing introductory promotion: early subscribers will get the service's 100+ channel package (which will normally cost $60 per month) for $35 per month. Additionally, DirecTV Now is offering a one-week free trial of its service.

The only catch $35 launch promotion is that while there is no month-to-month contract, you lose the discount if you cancel your service but at a later time decide to re-subscribe. Notably, the $35 for 100 channels promotion does not mean the price of the plan won’t go up over time. Rather, it means that the 100-channel package will continue to cost less for early-bird subscribers who don’t cancel.

DirecTV Now is not the first guest at the live TV streaming party. Dish Network's Sling TV and Sony's PlayStation Vue services similarly offer packages with a selection of linear TV channels for a monthly fee, with no contract.

Once the launch promotion ends, $35 per month will get you the 65-channel package. Adding HBO and/or Cinemax to any package costs less than with the competing services, each one costs only $5 per month extra, which is a bargain compared to Sling TV and PS Vue. Sling TV charges $15 for HBO and $10 for Cinemax. Meanwhile, PS Vue charges $15 per month for HBO and $11 per month for Showtime as add-ons, or you can get the $75 per month Ultra package that includes both those channels, but no Cinemax. DirecTV is said to negotiating to add Showtime to its Now offerings.

Here are the packages offered by DirecTV Now at launch.
One thing none of these services offer is live streaming of CBS . In some markets, DirecTV Now will stream local channels from the other major broadcast networks.

Like the other services, you can watch TV on mobile devices as well as popular set-top boxes plus streaming sticks. However, the Now service does differentiate itself from those competitors in a few ways:

- On AT&T mobile devices, streaming does not count against data limits.

- Unlike PS Vue, DirecTV Now does not offer DVR functionality. Sling TV is adding DVR features soon.

- HBO costs less to add to a package than with Sling TV or PS Vue.

- The launch promotion of 100 channels for $35 are the most you get per dollar between the three services.

- Pre-paying for three months of service gets you a free Apple TV.

- You get the Taylor Swift Now channel (which is obviously what we've all been waiting for).

Things are looking good for cord cutters lately. There's genuine competition among streaming live TV providers—from major players in the industry. So far, I've enjoyed using both PS Vue and Sling TV, and have been cable-free for months. It looks like I'll be signing up for a DirecTV Now free trial, and likely taking advantage of the early-bird special. Finally, it looks like the time for a streaming TV service image quality comparison has come.