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Well my Hughes e25 crapped out (just over a year old), so I needed a new one. I first went to Satellite City (not sure if they are a national chain?) and found no good deals except for a Phillips "in the back" for $50. I told them I would be back by 5 to pick it up. Well, after going to CC and BB, I got there 5 mins. to five and they refused to sell me anything because their computers were off and they would not turn a single one on.

So, I went home frustrated and called direcTV (yes, I know a bad combination). After explaining my problems the lady said that she could do nothing but turn off that receiver.

So thinking every thing is fine I turn on my other 2 receivers to see she turned those off too. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I quickly told here my new problem and finally she fixed it. Now understanding I needed a new receiver I ask if D* offer any rebates/programing/cash for upgrading to a HDTV receiver. She tip-toed around this question so I asked her two more times. Still the same old response. Finally I ask the age old question: "what does D* offer in HD that is E* doesn't". I get the same old "DTV offers a wide array of programing Blah Blah Blah...". So now looking at the stars (especially the 61.5 star) I think of my options.

1-So does dish offer any upgrade discounts when units fail?

2-Has any cust. service person ever mentioned HD Net?

3-Is the dish deal of $9 a real good deal?

4-Is there any way to get NFL Sunday Ticket with no phone line connected? (in an RV)

5-Has anyone ever been denied to buy a receiver before?

Any help will be appreciated.


Mitsubishi WS-55805


Pioneer VSX-D608

Pioneer DV-C302D
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