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DirecTV receiver with DishNetwork 500 dish?

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I have a DirecTV setup that is working fine (using a triple LNB dish), but

also have an extra receiver that I could make better use of by hooking it

up to the wiring for an older Dish Network Dish500 (since the wiring is already run through the walls that I want to make use of). If I re-align

the Dish500 dish, will it work with the DirecTV SIR-S70 receiver, or am I

going to have to run new cabling to the triple LNB DirecTV dish?
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Yes, but one of the LNB's will have to be replaced with a SAT C LNB. it can be aimed to get 101 & 110 or 110 & 119. 110 being Sat C.
Okay, stupid question here -- why do I need to align to two satellites for

the extra receiver? What would happen if I only hooked up with one? Does that mean I only get certain channels? I always thought the multiple satellites was just for the HD broadcasts and stuff like that. My original Dish setup only aligned to 1 satellite and there were only about 2 channels I got when I upgraded to Dish 500 and aligned to 2 satellites. Is DirecTV that different? Thanks.
If you only want the channels on 101, which is where most content is, then you only need to align the dish for 101. In order to use the Dish500 as is, you'll need to have 2 dual or single legacy LNBs on it, since you'll only need one LNB, if you only want to look at 101, you can take one of them off.
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