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DirecTV SAT - B Signal Strength ???

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My SAT-B signal strength is getting weak, 30s to 40s here in central Pennsylvania. Has anyone else noticed a drop?

What is your reading on transponder 25 on SAT-B (119) ?
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Hey Joe, yes I noticed it. It dropped down around 15 for me. I used to get a strong 75 down here in Florida, now I get 59-60. SUX!! I hope they get that new sat out there soon. I'm glad it hasn't rained over here, I know I'd be losing some signal.


Transponder 25 - signal: 59 - 60

Transponder 23 - signal: 74 - 76


Transponder 8 - signal: 89 - 90!! =)
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Glad someone brought this up. I thought it was just me but recently I too noticed about a 10pt drop in signal strength on the 119 satellite.


Same phenomenon here. I was afraid I knocked it out of alignment when I installed the Sat C kit.
Wow, glad I noticed this thread also. I just got my Sat C kit today and was checking the strength and noticed mine dropped as well. I was ready to adjust my dish but now it seems to be common with everyone. I was getting in the 80's, now I'm in the 40's. Very strange.
hmmm. mine's the same as it's been (~80) even after adding the sat-c. (Even more amazing considering the beating my poor dish took while I was threading the cable down the arm. )

I'm in north texas if that makes a difference.

Same problem here - Sat B signal dropped better than 20% across the board after the installation of Sat C (which by the way, registers strength in the 90's). There is no significant change in the Sat A readings.
D* may have started moving the sat a little to make room for the new sat launched yesterday. July is the date that the new sat will be released for use by us.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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